Environmental, Social And Governance Policy

We are committed to a sustainable investment approach by including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria both in our investment process and in the monitoring of investments.

We are convinced that including ESG criteria in our investment strategy brings additional value to our investors, our companies, and our people.

As proof of this commitment, we are a signatory of the UN-PRI (United Nation Principles for Responsible Investment). We communicate the environmental policies we have in place for recycling and train our staff on the energy saving decisions they can make on a daily basis.

Our Offices

Our office was built with a focus on sustainability and was rated “Excellent” by BREEAM, with design and construction elements making significant contributions to energy, water savings and waste management.


Diversity is part of Preservation’s DNA and one of our core values. A diverse and welcoming work environment, where different backgrounds are valued and celebrated, is an invaluable contributor to our success.

Energy Use

A material proportion of our office building’s energy is provided by de-centralised combined cooling, heat and power units including one of the UK’s largest installations of fuel cell technology, photovoltaic cells and thermal stores. These units reduce CO2 emissions by 40% and NOx and SOx emissions by 99.9%, and utilise gas to generate electricity and heat at efficiencies which reduce greenhouse emissions by 60% compared to electricity from the grid.


Other business-related sourcing decisions include local travel and office supplies, where we choose environmentally-friendly suppliers as much as possible. We also assess key suppliers against a checklist, which includes questions relating to their own ESG practices.

Paperless Policy

In June 2019 we adopted a paperless policy. We save resources and energy by avoiding printing and the associated postage overheads, and we ask all suppliers to interact with us in this manner where possible.

We don’t use fax machines and avoid the usage of photocopiers. On the rare occasions where letters do need to be sent to us, once processed, any paper is securely destroyed or carefully recycled.

As well as environmental benefits, being paperless helps us streamline our organisation.


We are focussed on recycling, and ensure that different types of waste are handled correctly. We minimise the use of paper as much as possible.

Our office has on-site processes for the separation, collection and recycling of different types of waste materials, including food waste.

Water Use

Our office utilises rainwater harvesting tanks, which is filtered and cleaned for use in the office. This is estimated to save 20 litres of water per employee per day.


Whilst we acknowledge that travel is a necessary part of our business for investment and client service purposes, we encourage and incentivise our employees to choose efficient methods of travel, and we use alternative forms of communication such as video and teleconference technologies where possible. Our office is centrally located and well served by public transport.


We aim to create a productive, safe and healthy work environment. Our offices include open-plan office space, formal and informal meeting rooms, quiet rooms, and communal eat-in kitchens. We also have cycle-racks and shower facilities.

Also, we encourage employee well-being through regular workshop classes and activities.

PCP has a full corporate and fund ESG policy available on request.