Sector Specialist

Our only business is private equity. We focus exclusively on investing in the financial services industry across Europe. Key subsector focus on Insurance Services, Life insurance, Healthcare Services, Insurance Distribution, Financial Markets, Consumer Finance, Business Outsourcing, P&C Insurance, Asset & Wealth Management and Payments.

Investment Philosophy
  • Specialism: focus exclusively on opportunities within the middle market financial services sector, where we have a deep sector expertise and there is less competition from generalists
  • Thesis based: invest behind robust investment themes that have been developed alongside leading industry experts and executives
  • Growth investing: create value through underlying revenue and earnings growth in the business and not through financial engineering
  • Aligned incentivization: structure deals so management are significant shareholders in businesses where we invest
  • Capital preservation: focus on deals offering attractive risk adjusted returns with emphasis on downside protection
Value Creation
  • Introduction to new customers / partners: leveraging network with sector and senior advisors to introduce strategic relationships to expedite growth
  • Strengthening management team and governance: attracting and recruiting senior executives/non-executive directors that can help management teams expediate growth
  • M&A sourcing: sourcing and financing of accretive acquisition opportunities
  • Financial reporting: improving management information and KPI tracking to improve conversion rates, profitability and get insights on financial performance
  • Capital raising and structuring: providing growth capital to fund growth for team hires, product development and optimizing capital structure to enhance shareholder value creation