Partnership Approach to Investing

Our investment philosophy centres around thesis-based investing and partnering with leading experts in the sector. As sector specialists we understand the value our partners bring to our investment process and value creation. Our partners tend to be former founders and entrepreneurs, executive management and board representatives.

Industry Executives and Entrepreneurs
  • Type of partnership: flexible in our approach and intensity of engagement. Collaboration can range from sourcing, due diligence assistance and ultimately board and investment participation.
    • Deal sourcing: active dialogue and direct participation in our thinking in relation to key industry trends and identifying founders and leading businesses to partner.
    • Due diligence: supporting the investment with the diligence process and deal dynamics.
    • Board representation: continue to be involved and drive value creation through active board involvement. 
    • Investment alignment: a critical element of our partnership approach is that our partners invest alongside us. 
  • Investment partnering: we invest alongside corporates and are comfortable with both minority and majority positions in a consortium. 
  • Strategic partnering: collaboration can include JVs and strategic corporate agreements that will result in value creation for both partners.
  • Active portfolio engagement: our portfolio companies are actively involved in our investment process.